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Even if it’s exposed to traeger vs green egg rain, sun, and snow, I didn’t see any changes to it, which is a good thing. What I love most about this bird feeder pole is that it’s the complete deal. The hooks at the top can be used for larger bird feeders, while the other smaller hooks can be used for small to medium feeders.

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  • There is a deep trough around the bottom helping the majority of the seed to actually stay in the feeder and not spill all over the lawn.
  • The hanging squirrel baffles also have added advantages such as protecting the feeder from snow and rain.
  • The maximum size of the cage mesh has to be 1 1/4″ or 35mm square, hexagonal or round, young starlings will get in that but not the adult birds.
  • Here, the bird feeder is attached to an existing garden pole or post with the use of a metal bracket.

This will distribute the weight of the filled bird feeder from the top sticks. If you do not have any popsicle sticks and are wanting to make a bird feeder, you can certainly use twigs from your garden. As long as they do not have splinters or cracks, they should be safe for your bird feeder. The feeder is designed with form and function in mind as it will enhance the look of any outdoor space. Measuring almost 16 inches long, multiple goldfinches can feed at the same time in comfort and style. Purchasing a feeder from Stokes Select is a choice consumers can feel good about as a portion of the proceeds is donated to bird conservation initiatives.

Oriole Fruit Feeder

Nature’s Hangout did a great job at coming up with an innovative design of small, clear plastic and well-protected feeder. Lastly, it is made with metal so no matter how much effort a squirrel puts in, there is no way, they can chew off the material. The seeds are protected too, by all means because of the built in weather guard. The cage is well made that it can surely frustrated squirrels. Not that it is impossible but it will be very hard to get it.

Happy Tails Kangni Seed Bird Food, 1 Kg Brown

To maintain a large number of mealworms, fill the bottom of an ice cream bucket, dishpan, or similar bin with an inch or two of dry oatmeal or wheat bran. Add chunks of raw potato or apple for moisture, and then put the mealworms in. There is some concern that soft peanut butter can stick to birds’ mouths. Peanut oils can separate in both pure peanut butter and in mixtures. If these oils adhere to a nesting bird’s feathers, they can be transferred to eggs, plugging the pores, so never provide peanut butter mixtures that become soft or oily.

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Add some French-country flair with this caged, squirrel-proof bird feeder that’s as functional as it is pretty. It features six feeder slots with perches to feed plenty of birds at once. Although some feeders are squirrel-proof, not all are resistant to other large mammals. Depending on what kind of animals live around your area, you may need to take extra precautions. Some mammals, including squirrels, are sensitive to spices, but birds are not.

It’s also great for entertainment not only for kids but for the elderly as well. Bird watching can keep the elders happy and at peace while your pet cat can be kept entertained for the whole day. What I like about this product is that you can safely mount it to any window, unlike most window bird feeders. I also like the padded grip perch for the birds to rest comfortably. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely a cool hangout spot for birds.

Kaytee 100033941 Finch Sock Feeder

Stainless steel materials remain in good condition for a long time and protect the birds from feeding on rust materials. The hanging baffles are also made using UV-stabilized polycarbonate materials which protect the feed from direct sunlight. It also has rubber support that keeps hold of the baffle and prevents it from sliding down. I also like the rubber clamp which makes it easier to fix the baffle in less than 5 minutes. The rubber clamp uses a stretch hook and loop wrap to tighten the support on the pole. This squirrel stopper is one of the easiest baffles made with a new torpedo shape that prevents the small mammals from reaching the bad feeders.

This can be an easy way for you to keep those squirrels away. One thing that you can do is to reassess where you place your feeders. If you place them near trees where the squirrels can jump on the feeders and feed themselves, then your squirrel problem is never going to go away. It may seem that there should be no problem with squirrels having a little birdseed or suet to nourish themselves for the day.